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Walls and boundaries are important as they separate different premises. There are several types of boundaries such as party walls, boundary wall, retaining wall and building faces.

Expert Support to Deal With Party Wall Compliance

Jason Edworthy works with Architects Sands and offers services to help homeowners and builders to avoid disputes while implementing their projects.

How We Work

The company assists homeowners in handling all disputes that arise when they are building new structures, and they also prevent the occurrence of disputes.

Be Covered

They will draft a written notice to alert adjoining owners of impending construction that might affect their property.

About Jason edworthy Party wall Experts Sands

Our service is effective and cost friendly, and making an appointment is efficient and fast.

All legal notices that have to be served to your neighbours are prepared by these experts, so instead of trying to understand how to approach issues, you can contract us to help you prevent party wall disputes that may arise.

Sometimes the other party will dissent, and in that case, you are working with experts to follow up on ensuring compliance on both sides.

Jason Edworthy party wall Surveyors Sands will do everything for you.

Architects Sands
The Legal Framework

Jason Edworthy Sands Works with Architects which deals with a variety of disputes including:

Failure to server adjoining owners with a notice to the effect that works commencing on your side might affect them could attract a number of consequences.

The adjoining owner may seek a court injunction to stop the construction work until you comply with the law. Work already done may even be removed, so the best idea is to work with professionals like Jason Edworthy who will help you with the drafting and submission of the notice.

They will ensure that all your work is done within the law to avoid cases where you may be required to pay fines or even face disciplinary action due to failure to comply with the laws.

How A Surveyor Can Help?

With expertise and experience in party wall survey, Jason Edworthy offers a comprehensive approach that is useful to customers. Their service is affordable and they have a swift appointment system, which means they are able to offer support quickly when you want to solve any disputes.

Their focus on party wall disputes has allowed them to build invaluable experience that has been received positively across the U.K. They will work towards keeping both parties happy so everyone can focus on achieving their goals.

Instead of following complex procedure that could delay the implementation of your project, you could choose to work with Jason Edworthy Party Wall Experts.

Their service is designed in a manner to help you start your project and proceed without interruptions that may arise from disputes raised by adjoining neighbours. They use the Party Wall Agreement to solve disputes.

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